I was feeling kind of FLAT lately … thinking of what to write about and what to use as inspirations to others.

And then I read this little piece about the love we have for our animals and how a fellow owner helps those bring their “babies” to her home and I knew it was just what I needed!

We certainly welcome pets at the house — but we could do better.

We have lots of stuff for children – down to pack-n-plays and toys – but for the doggies? It was just the inspiration I needed.  

And now it makes me think I kind of want to check out Donna’s place to see how awesome she treats the humans! 


What are you looking forward to on your next trip to Vegas?

Downtown Revitalization … sounds to me like a pipe dream … but not in Vegas! Slowly but surely, Downtown Vegas is becoming quite the cool place. I watched it change and I watched a few things develop, but now! It is such a great place to visit, it is moving up on my list. Especially Container Park! The entire area has building made from containers. Shopping areas and even fabulous places to play:

To make it even better- there is even an outdoor concert venue:

This is high on my list of places I have to visit and soon! I think you should add it to yours!


Work … sometimes it pays off!

We have been busy. Things are moving fast and we need to stay on top of it all!

Photos… blogging … pinterest … google+… webinars… apparently it comes with the territory when you start a big project for the internet. Lots of work you did not expect comes along with it! So we work and work and was it worth it? Well, YES, we are quite pleased with the results.

The website is almost done and just in time…. more good things are happening and we need to be prepared.   Check it out:

We have taken this project on as a chance to do something further with our little piece of the Earth!  We love finding families to share the house with and to help them have a lovely vacation.  For the past few weeks, we shared the house with an amazing family from Texas. They told us on a scale of one to ten … our house was a 14!!! They had such a vacation. 🙂

It makes all this work worth it … another successful trip!!

What are you working for?  As you continue with your job, are you asking yourself, how am I helping?

We are so motivated and pleased that we have the chance to bring fun and happiness to a few people in the world!



Dec. 5-12, 2013 is the time period that Las Vegas changes a bit … there are a lot of people walking around town in some amazing hats and boots. I know the ladies of Las Vegas (us residents) LOVE to see the change and enjoy the eye – candy that seems to suddenly appear! It is a great time to visit – as everyone is friendly, happy and kind (yes, more than normal).  Stay at our place and mention COWBOY  and we will give you 10% off that visit! 






There are many reasons people come to Las Vegas… to relax, for work, to gamble, to see shows …. but my favorite has to be the FOOD!  There are so many interesting place to go and people to see in the diverse food establishments!  So when I see that the World Food Championships will be coming …. involving BBQ…. Y U M !! 

If we need a place to get away from it all —   come on ove and stop by Fremon street on Nov. 7- 10, 2013 … and you will be amazed!