I was feeling kind of FLAT lately … thinking of what to write about and what to use as inspirations to others.

And then I read this little piece about the love we have for our animals and how a fellow owner helps those bring their “babies” to her home and I knew it was just what I needed!

We certainly welcome pets at the house — but we could do better.

We have lots of stuff for children – down to pack-n-plays and toys – but for the doggies? It was just the inspiration I needed.  

And now it makes me think I kind of want to check out Donna’s place to see how awesome she treats the humans! 


What do you want to teach your kids?

What do you want to teach your kids?

The Firmani Villas is a master piece built by my husband. Sure, I helped with the colors here and there, and I listened for hours to his design ideas and followed him to Home Depot … but this house-it is from his heart to us and we love it.

As I watch my husband, who works countless hours to see that the kids are cared for … spoiled even … I am in awe. As my kids grow up, they are beginning to see it too. He rocks!

As a family, we have learned to truly love our time together, especially when we are all in the Villa! This gift from daddy is pretty good!

I did not know what we were building there — I was just a mom with a young family… but my husband knew and the power of that love remains in the house and in our family.

We built that house with love, the power of which continues to this day. Come join us, come hang with the gang and share the love at our place! We hope you laugh, cook, swim, hug and grow within the four walls we call HOME.



What are you looking forward to on your next trip to Vegas?

Downtown Revitalization … sounds to me like a pipe dream … but not in Vegas! Slowly but surely, Downtown Vegas is becoming quite the cool place. I watched it change and I watched a few things develop, but now! It is such a great place to visit, it is moving up on my list. Especially Container Park! The entire area has building made from containers. Shopping areas and even fabulous places to play:

To make it even better- there is even an outdoor concert venue:

This is high on my list of places I have to visit and soon! I think you should add it to yours!


Get out of the house!

Get out of the house!

We have had so many people visit us and tell us all the plans they have while in Vegas… and then they settle into the house and never leave!!! We are thrilled that everyone loves the house, but if this happens to you… we would ask that you return!!! Come on back, stay at the house for our friends and family rate (10%) off, and GET OUT! Go roam the City… shop, hike, golf and play! Discover places like this amazing creation and get some great photos! Laugh and picnic while the sun sets!

What are your top 5 MUST SEE THINGS in Las Vegas?

Recently, I was asked to pick 5 must see things from Las Vegas.  WOW … at first you think- there are too many to pick from !!! FIVE??? 

And so the challenge – I began to narrow it down: 

So far I have: (1) Red Rock at sunrise (or sunset if you are lazy); (2) Caesar’s (I love everything about it… the history… the mall…); (3) “O” – nothing more need to be said; (4) Zip Lining over Fremont Street because it is just fun (5) and???? I am stuck here. 


Las Vegas Get-away!

I know that Las Vegas is a get-away … some come for work, but mainly people come to PLAY! What I did not know or realize was the number of women that gather in this town just for fun days away. We have met some of the most amazing women – coming together to relax, shop, and spoil themselves. Some of them hired chefs to cook at the house and then NEVER LEAVE THE PREMISES! They just enjoy!

I am so excited to have discovered this — because we all do live such busy lives and, if you would believe the news today, we do not take the time to hang with friends! Time and time again, we have groups of powerful, elegant, exciting and loving women visit our house (with their friends, aunts, and even 90-year-old mothers) and they always report back that it was just what they needed and plan to return. Sharing our home means more to me now, because I know we are contributing to many different groups – the executives and hard workers, as well as the families who come to get away. But I am so surprised the know that there are A LOT of wonderful and crazy moms, wives, daughters, sisters and best friends who just need some special moments together! To all of them – we are glad our little piece of heaven can give you time together enjoying fun and peace!