What’s above the desk in the kitchen?

We have a desk in our kitchen at the Palazzo Paradiso Villa. Above this desk is a cabinet… a normal cabinet that should hold plates, books or other items to be used in a kitchen.This one does not.  

It is here that we have set up a place to charge the devices that have come to rule our world.  We set it up here, tucked away in the kitchen, so that maybe it will offer some peace to those staying at the house. Hopefully, our guests can plug their phones, computers and tablets in and leave them there – away from the pool, bedrooms and TV areas. The house is fully equipped with wi-fi and we leave many cords to connect iPhone around (although those do disappear a lot), but we hope they do not have to use them too much.

In this family’s reality, vacations are “connected” too much. We are forced to work during our trips away (at our other jobs) and that leaves us a bit frustrated. Every vacation should come equipped with a cabinet a little far off to hold these items for just a bit… giving everyone a few extra moments with the people in the room and not across the wires.