Dec. 5-12, 2013 is the time period that Las Vegas changes a bit … there are a lot of people walking around town in some amazing hats and boots. I know the ladies of Las Vegas (us residents) LOVE to see the change and enjoy the eye – candy that seems to suddenly appear! It is a great time to visit – as everyone is friendly, happy and kind (yes, more than normal).  Stay at our place and mention COWBOY  and we will give you 10% off that visit! 






There are many reasons people come to Las Vegas… to relax, for work, to gamble, to see shows …. but my favorite has to be the FOOD!  There are so many interesting place to go and people to see in the diverse food establishments!  So when I see that the World Food Championships will be coming …. involving BBQ…. Y U M !! 

If we need a place to get away from it all —   come on ove and stop by Fremon street on Nov. 7- 10, 2013 … and you will be amazed!