Dec. 5-12, 2013 is the time period that Las Vegas changes a bit … there are a lot of people walking around town in some amazing hats and boots. I know the ladies of Las Vegas (us residents) LOVE to see the change and enjoy the eye – candy that seems to suddenly appear! It is a great time to visit – as everyone is friendly, happy and kind (yes, more than normal).  Stay at our place and mention COWBOY  and we will give you 10% off that visit! 



Backyard Table

Sometimes we need a place to hang out.

Sometimes we need a place to hang out.

Vacations in Las Vegas can be crazy. There can be wonderful shows to attend, big fancy dinners, nights out with friends to late night clubs.. it can be go go go! In an effort to give our guests a moment of rest, some time together without the demands of the trip, shows and nightclub, we offer the backyard table. The table over looks the pool, has a lovely TV set up with speakers throughout the yard and offers a place to just enjoy one another. We have heard from many people, visiting from all over the world, that the house gives them a sanctuary and makes them feel at home. Maybe if we can share this part of our home with others, they will take more than their winnings home with them? We certainly hope so.