The Children

I have been thinking a lot about this lately … Vegas was the place our children grew up. We  found so much to do with them, as it was home, but if I had the choice now… to travel to this great City of Lights … would I bring them?  I guess that all depends on what we are looking to do.  We were so nervous about heading to the Strip with them on New Year’s Eve and look at how amazing that trip was for us!  It would not have been as magical without them!

But if I was looking for a trip into the heavenly spas so close to the house and to watch a few expensive shows … I would probably want a safe place for them to hang out while I had some adult time.  A soon to be guest with little ones reminded me the benefits of bringing along a friend/ nanny to help. To me, such a trip would be heavenly. The best of both worlds… as they say! Float in the spa with the little ones, and then get dressed up and head out for an amazing dinner with friends? Sign me up!

Therefore – our conclusion is to bring them! To help you decide what adventures to take with them, we will be working on some fabulous insider ideas to make the kids have a Vegas adventure of their own!  Only those that stay with us will have access to it 🙂 Come on … time to visit the Palazzo Paradiso!


New Year’s Eve


For 17 years …. We watched and thought those people who ventured out to the Strip for New Year’s were insane and quite drunk. Never we said.
But our kids did not see the crazy in it – they begged and begged for a trip onto that packed street and so we bundled up and off we went!! And the result ? Honestly – one of the best New Year’s yet!!! We had some wonderful family time … Dancing and people watching. We were all together – huddled in the perfect spot to watch the New Year blast it’s way into our lives with the most amazing fireworks. The sounds alone pulsed through your body. Our old town gave us something new yesterday and we do hope that one day you will venture out into this craziness with your group and ring in a New Year with all of us !!