We love sharing our house … don’t ya want to come and hang out in the beautiful backyard?

We have the best government that money can buy.
Mark Twain

And so goes the way of government and hotels and gaming control in Clark County. … who has the most $$$$$ ? We love our house and love sharing it with others. We do truly hope that we will be allowed to continue to share it … as each visitor is special and becomes a part of the house. We learn so much with each friend we make and our house becomes a great memory for more than just us. Life should be about giving and enjoying the people and things around you — not about the government and who controls them.  


We are so excited for the future .. we know it means meeting you! 


Time and Changes

Time and Changes

There it is — the house. The start of our dream. So fresh and beautiful … ready for a new life, a family to move into it and make it a home.

God bless this house … those were my thoughts as we first moved in and placed our mattress on the floor! How we have all changed since that first moment… photos of John and I from that time period make me realize how much time has passed. We were babies! But nothing more makes me realize the changes that have taken place over time as this photo does — like the pine tree!!! WOW! How is it possible that it has grown SO big in just a few years (hah! like it has been just a few years…). We are all a bit time-warped! Enjoying each day and watching each one pass faster and faster. Now when I walk into this house, I remember the blessings, the love and the power I feel when I am in it. The time and the changes have been wonderful to experience. We wish the same for our friends that visit – take a moment and just be in the house. I promise it will fill you up and give you some peace.


Heck, we admit it… we are a bit lonely. It is Spring in Las Vegas and we need some company. We thought if we made an offer to our friends and family — someone would surely visit! So, for the next 10 days … anyone who signs up to follow this blog can get 10% off a visit to our house! Come one.. come all … try your luck in Vegas before the heat sets in!! Just sign up to follow the blog and e-mail me at Firmani@mac.com (using key word LUCK & the dates you wish to stay)!  I will check the calendar (it is not up-to-date on VRBO) and get right back to you! Welcome Home!


The Process of Growing Up

The Process of Growing Up

This is a place to sit with a glass of wine and truly enjoy life! It was not always this beautiful… this actual spot was a pile of rocks for many months, developed into my first garden (which was not a good use for it), and the kids mud pit for years. This house was our first house … the first place we owned and the first time I felt truly grown up. While living in this house, we went through many changes in our life (kids, dogs, jobs, construction, remodeling)… our lives changed much like this little pile of dirt in the backyard. And through the years, we have worked hard and developed it into the perfect spot to relax! We will keep at it, but this one little spot brings us a lot of joy. Growing up ain’t so bad !!