Steam Shower


It is cold … Chilling us to the bone. It is at times like these that stepping into a steam shower is the only thing that gets rid of the chill. It fills you with warmth and is a quiet place to enjoy life. Make sure you visit the steam shower at the Firmani Villa this winter.

This we had to share

The named it: “Submurged in elegance”

We stayed over the New Year for 7 days, and the house is a beautiful start for a great vacation!  Located close enough to the Strip for multiple trips during the day without spending too much time in the car.  The kitchen is massive, and a hub for the family. While everyone can help prepare a meal, nobody gets in anybody else’s way.  The variety of utensils, and serving ware was surprising.  Nice touches like a filtered drinking water dispenser built in to the sink (there are 2 sinks in the kitchen, each with a disposal) silent dishwasher, master appliances and plenty of seating makes casual meals with a large group effortless. We also enjoyed the Family room for card games and football watching.  There was enough room inside this home for everyone to have their own space (and, hey, I went with my Mother-in-law!)  We spent a lot of time indoors simply because the weather wasn’t very cooperative, and the home never go small or tired.  Always a nook to snuggle up with a book. One of the main reasons we rent is the savings on checked bags (my wife loves the laundry as much as the kitchen), meals, and activities.  And when you can get away to a place like this, with the sound of trickling water from the pool fountains in the background, you feel that much closer to paradise.  The owners of this home were available to us throughout our stay, and were really dedicated to our enjoyment of the time we spent there.  This was different from any other rental experience I’ve had.  I would stay here again in a second!


Our Guests … what does the future hold?

As we began this journey of sharing our home, we had no idea what to expect. Would people, “the public” enjoy our house? Would that destroy our house?  Would they love it like we do?

We were prepared for many reactions. What came our direction was not something we expected.  Our house is more than four walls and a cute staircase… the love we feel together with the energy from others has made it into much more!

We have made friends. We have watched, listened to and completely become astounded by people…. this “public”  – they have fallen in love with our little piece of paradise and we are so very much in awe.  We did not realize the effect it would have on us.

So now we have had families visit, and shared our home with children who adore the pool as well as others who love to curl up with a book in different parts of the house, or business men and women in for a conference. We have had the Champions of USA for Dodge Ball stay at the house during their winning games and they kept us up to date on their “luck.” The reaction to our home has been so special it makes our eyes fill with tears.

We now find the house about to be filled with many different characters from Shakespeare’s play for almost a month! The Shakespearian Touring Group from the Utah Shakespearian Festival is coming in and somehow I find myself wanting to just hang out at home with them!  Again, I find myself wondering, what will this house give to them and how will they react?  We can only hope that this group, along with everyone else who comes into the welcoming arms of the Firmani Vegas Villa will find a little peace and happiness within its walls! Bake some cupcakes like Isabella loves to bake, or a huge, amazing meal for friends like Johnny does …. Curl up for a movie like the family or just rest comfortably for a moment and enjoy the home. Whatever it is — we wish them and each visitor the same moment of bliss that we know the house can provide.

Our new friends from the touring group can be found here:

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